6 Tips for Creating an Up-to-date Space that Adds to Your Mood

We experience too many stressful situations every day, starting with rush hour traffic and up to conflicts at the office. We need some place to be a shelter protecting us from the surrounding chaos. Home is the best place to hide from the routine and troubles of work and social life. Taking the following steps you will create an inspiring and fashionable place to unwind, express your creativity and boost general well-being.

Get Rid of Clutter

Getting rid of clutter is the key principle of fengshui. A well-organized home creates peaceful mind. Walk through your house, entering every single room and check what you really want or need, find the stuff you can throw in the trash, recycle or donate. You may also ask your friend who does not feel that sentimental attachment to your belongings to assist you giving an objective opinion. Your house doesn’t have to look empty and useless, just think over the items you select. Make the priority those possessions that can make you happy, for example, family photos, luxurious antiques and tokens from holidays. Ultimately, it will create better conditions for keeping your home clean and give you a valuable opportunity to relax without seeing piles of old magazines or a closet overloaded with clothes!

Enlarge Natural Light

Learning more about Seasonal Affective Disorder we have found out that our mood is highly influenced by the amount of natural light. Proper access to natural light controls our melatonin level, the thing that affects our ability to sleep, as well as our serotonin level, that affects our alertness and creates high spirits. This natural cycle of wake and sleep, or our circadian rhythm, is straightly linked to the healthy immune system, an ability to deal with various illnesses, hunger and obesity. Trench the blackout curtains and let yourself wake up at dawn. This will make you less unsteady in the morning. It may also allow you to use less caffeine!

Pay Proper Attention to Color

Mixing colors in your house isn’t about design only. It also has an immense impact on your spirits. Color psychologists believe that definite colors influence the ability to do certain things. Green, for instance, can boost concentration, that is why it is often advised for home offices. Whereas the shades of blue, green, and lavender generally have a soothing effect and perfectly suit the bedroom to improve your sleep and present you a restful night.

Incorporate Spa-like Details

It is not necessary to travel to some distant resort and spend huge sums of money to renew your strength. Instead, think of incorporating spa-like details for your home. The type of the retreat space does not matter: whether it’s an additional bedroom reorganized into a peaceful and calm meditative zone or a deep jacuzzi tub decorated by aromatherapy candles. Keep these places clean, scented with natural fresh herbs like lemongrass or rosemary and illuminated with pleasantly warm light to create that incredible in-home getaway to help you relax and refresh.

Bring In the Outside

There is one hint every homeowner should be aware of: some plants have an ability to purify the air around the house. The peace lily, aloe vera, spider plant and garden mum are few of those plants easy to grow and helpful in the fight with dangerous chemicals as formaldehyde, xylene, ammonia and benzene. Besides, incorporating houseplants into your house is a fascinating solution for people who do not have much green space outdoors.

Reduce Electronic Disturbances

This point is probably the most tough for the vast majority. We spend so much time during the day concentrating on various screens, including the GPS system in the car, our phones, TV sets and laptops. The sound and light from these devices influence our senses soothing them and leaving us overstimulated and unable to sleep or at least relax. In case having television is important to you, put it in a cabinet where it can be stored far from your everyday reach. Moreover, consider putting electronic devices to the same place as TV. At least, avoid using these things two hours before sleep. Find your favorite book or the most recent magazine. Reading is a much more helpful activity for your mental health and will help you get ready for a restful night.

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