Brand New 2Modern Lighting Brands: Hinkley, Original BTC, ProduzionePrivata

2Modern family is glad to welcome three ultimately new lighting brands: Ohio-based Hinkley, Italian ProduzionePrivata and Oxford-based Original BTC.

Original BTC has characterized itself with a wide diversity of elegant, hand assembled, modern and fashionable lamps that mix refined shapes with a special and vivid industrial sensibility. Being featured with simple utilitarian forms and materials that contain bone china and hand spun aluminum, Original BTC lamps suit any interior scheme.

Style, price and quality and the correlation of three is Hinkley trademark. The brightest evidences of the above mentioned concerns of the company are Ohio-based company’s lanterns, meticulously crafted outdoor sconces and contemporary landscape lighting. With a responsibility to keep ‘Life Aglow,’ Hinkley’s aesthetics is expressed in plain modern shapes, artful items and refine materials.

Contemporary and well-known ProduzionePrivata lighting company was founded by Italian architect and designer Michele De Lucchi. It specializes in highly bright and impressive modern lamps. Creative designs manually crafted by skilled craftsmen are presented in ProduzionePrivata’s modern lighting list that is an inventive collection of up-to-date wall lights, chandeliers and floor lamps made of such fabulous materials as glass, metal and wood.

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