Curvaceous Corques Sofa: Cork Sofa Refreshed From Bottle Cork Extras

Lucie Koldova, a famous Czech designer, employed a continuous material to produce a highly contemporary and modern sofa pattern for Per/Use, Belgian design brand. The modern and fashionable sofa is created out of cork – elastic, impermeable and fire proof material with diversified applications. In Corques Sofa cork was ideal for sculpting a fashionable and modern sofa that was then decorated with colorful and bright Divina fabric from Kvadrat Company. The massive cork sofa was carved out of a single set of pressed cork, lacquered and perfected to capture your attention, fascinate your sight and appeal in a soft, yet unforgettable manner.

We know the reason we should have only natural materials in our houses, so this polished sofa should perfectly suit both rural and urban contemporary residences. Reminding a curvaceous, shapely body, modern cork sofa carries indispensable information within its beauty. The viable cork block is created from Portuguese bottle cork companies’ leftovers, only with the added eco-friendly aspect to the marvelous design.

Durable cork makes wonders in patterns whenever a pattern plays with it. We’ve noticed enormous portraits created from cork bottle stoppers as well as push-pin stools and tables. It was a moment for something bigger that breaks the boundaries of this material even more.

Consider how would a contemporary cork sofa of this kind look in your house.

Corques-Sofa-by-Lucie-Koldova-1 Corques-Sofa-by-Lucie-Koldova-2 Corques-Sofa-by-Lucie-Koldova-5 Corques-Sofa-by-Lucie-Koldova-6

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