ErraZuriz’s Functional Sculptures: Don’t Open and Close but Rotate and Undulate

Suggesting transformative storage solutions flexible, innovative Wave Cabinet by modern New-York designer and artist Sebastian ErraZuriz provides access from many angles

Whether it is practical or not, but sculptural furniture by Sebastian ErraZuriz totally changes an idea of habitual opening and closing storage furniture. You have already seen his Samurai Cabinet that requires some sort of ritual to go through when taking your clothes from and his probably the most extreme of all sculptures Explosion Cabinet that looks like blowing up when sliding apart.

So, look at his recent creation – the Wave – though featuring more softened forms but being not less exciting and innovative than the Samurai and Explosion.

Sebastian ErraZuriz doesn’t care much whether his functional sculptures are practical or not; he is more interested in creating fascinating furniture where every item is used as a medium triggering people’s interest while establishing a connection with them.

In ErraZuriz’s opinion it’s hard to draw a line between design and art. Adding a little twist to his each and every sculptural furniture he just wants every person to see conventional and habitual in a different way.

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