IwonaKosicka Presents a Swing Chair: Make Indoor Living a Child’s Play

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The concept of traditional leg-supported seating units seems not very attractive and appealing to excellent Polish designer IwonaKosicka. She has recently created her version of an exclusive, comfortable SWING chair. This mischievous piece demonstrates perfect and accurate woodwork and hangs from the top of character-filled rooms.swing-chair-design-2

The SWING chair became an example of a unique combination of a minimalist design and high-quality, as well as an invitation idea of clean, good fun. Lacking time for morning exercises? Spring inside this small joyride and get the swing on with no spectators.

Displaying a plain round shape, the charming swing chair adapts to a diversity of modern decors with no problem. This unconventional item appeals both to children and grown-ups alike, making it a cute catalyst for communication.


We have published identical projects on Freshome, such as Patricia Urquiola’s Swing Chair and Duffy London’s Swing Table for Louis Vuitton. So, the creative sphere of dangling furniture is quite spread, and we are impatient to see more new and fascinating works. Until then relax, take a seat, swing and recollect the childish years in this smart design idea.

Author – Alex Kor. Co-Founder LAComfy Discount Furniture Los Angeles

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