Room in a Box: Convenient Instrument-Free Bedroom Set within 30 Minutes

Accommodating a room’s worth of indispensable furniture you have a chance to take on the train or bus – this universal box solution costs only $150 is much easier to set up than IKEA counterparts and lighter too, with additional wheels for increased mobility.

As it requires no glue or tools, the would-be trick is that the item is made of cardboard, though its makers have presented more than 40 projects of the identical material to date, offering them experts at providing it durable and robust. For those who need only some of the pieces included: every element can be adapted to other aims – bed supports, for example, can be transformed into shelves or other storage forms.

The box consists of a desk, chair, dresser, bin and bed supports that double as storage, every created to be load-bearing, water-resistant, able to be used for many years by young adults or students. The whole system can be put together or in about half an hour and the elements weigh approximately seven pounds each, simplifying the moves between storage and dorm room.

The creators of Room in a Box comment: “Each furniture item can be put together easily without any glue or tools by folding and joining the elements, and can be disassembled and packed into the box again. When you have done with the furniture, you can recycle it or reuse in its entirety. This design for versatile furniture can be used in diverse ways and configurations. The style of the furniture also comprises storage (with stoppers) sliding drawers, that double like handy moving boxes.“

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